Setting our values high

Responsibility is the foundation of Green Bay Packaging’s corporate culture. Every associate is dedicated to serving customers properly and is given the ability to do so. Flat-line management throughout our company naturally sparks a strong work ethic, sets values high, and results in low employee turnover.

Unique culture, unique results

Kress family ownership and leadership defines clear expectations, yet places trust in each associate to do the job properly, creating a cooperative, team environment. Green Bay Packaging believes in bold product development, cutting-edge equipment, strong decision-making, community involvement, and treating people right.

Green Bay Packaging in Northeast Wisconsin, North of what you expect

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LIVE in the New North

PLAY in the New North

ACHIEVE in the New North

PROSPER in the New North

BELONG in the New North

Ready to join a team dedicated to true employee empowerment and long-term success?

We stand in support of equality for and advancement of all people based on their qualifications and actions alone without regard to color, gender, age, religion, national origin or disability.