Thinner Facer + Thinner Liner = Savings

Green Bay Packaging has two new thinner films that can reduce costs for you, and benefit your customers.

  • 2.4 mil white top coated Label-Lyte™*  film (024TL)
  • .92 mil polyester liner (92NB)

024TL is the same Label-Lyte material you have trusted for years – just a bit thinner. So you can expect the same results.

  • Same pearlescent look
  • Same converting characteristics
  • Same printability

Thinner films cost less than a 2.6 mil facer and a 1.2 mil liner. They also weigh less, so you save when you ship to your customer. Your customer can receive more labels on a roll, saving them time during application. And the environment benefits from a reduction in resources needed to manufacture these materials.

To get more details on how to save with thinner films visit, or click here to request a sample.

* Label-Lyte is a trademark of Jindal Films America