Corrugated Packaging: custom corrugated shipping containers, corrugated materials, and more

Incredibly versatile

Our modern, fully equipped corrugated manufacturing facilities allow us to create and produce a wide range of innovative corrugated products—everything from ordinary brown boxes to intricate die cut inner pack to high graphic packaging. Large or small, we’re here to respond with customized solutions and a sense of urgency that help you succeed in the marketplace.

Extraordinary vision

Green Bay Packaging’s history is one of innovation. In 1933, George Kress offered a superior alternative for customers who were using expensive, cumbersome wooden boxes. The motivation was the customer. The vision was corrugated shipping containers. The result was an unparalleled success.

Uniquely focused

Since Green Bay Packaging’s beginning, building a better box was, and is, the focus. Kress’s company, Green Bay Box Co., was so successful it required a large, steady supply of paper. Enter Green Bay Pulp & Paper Inc., a paper mill built by Kress for that specific task. This “reverse integration” is vitally important to understanding the Green Bay Packaging difference.

The service we've received from Green Bay Packaging has been unparalleled. We rely on our sales rep and their design department to handle all our needs from the inception of a project to final delivery and beyond. (Their) quality is at the top of the industry.

Anthony Musso

Georgia Nut Company

Skokie, IL