Corrugated Packaging: Innovative Products

Today, innovation continues throughout all Green Bay Packaging divisions. The following are examples of GBP’s most current innovative products.

Retail Ready Packaging

Combining a shipping container with a point of purchase display.

Green Bay Packaging’s Retail Ready PDQ meets most Supermarket and Big Box retailers’ new “Retail Ready” packaging criterion, combining transport packaging and selling packaging material into one easy “shelf ready package.” This provides an overall cost-effective and creative presentation of your product in the marketplace. Simply pop the perforated glue tabs in the store and slide the HSC cover off to leave the graphic die-cut tray.

Perfect Perf

An easy to tear, low-cost alternative to Retail Ready Packaging.

Perfect Perfwas developed by GBP to offer the best in retail-ready packaging. Using a state of the art blend of art and science, Perfect Perf provides a better tear-away alternative to retail-ready packaging, while still maintaining the integrity of the container.

Perfect Perf packaging is easier to tear, and creates a cleaner tear when compared with other retail-ready packaging, making it quicker and easier to get your product from shipment to shelf. Because the perforations are made on a die-cutter, it is a low-cost alternative, but is still available in multiple weight combinations.


A water-resistant wax-alternative coating process

ProGreen® is a sustainable coating process for corrugated containers. ProGreen® coated containers can be refrigerated and frozen, making them the perfect choice for produce and meats. ProGreen® is environmentally friendly, recyclable, repulpable and FDA approved for food contact.

ProGreen® coated containers allow you to turn disposal costs into revenue dollars. ProGreen® is recyclable and repulpable, allowing retailers to sell used cartons for recycling, instead of paying for landfill costs – a truly sustainable choice.